Guar Gum Powder

Chemical Description

Guar gum powder is derived from the guar bean, a member of the legume family. It is a polysaccharide made up of two sugars: galactose and mannose. The powder is made from milling the endosperm of the guar bean after removing the husks from the seeds. The resulting off-white powder is a natural thickening agent that offers unique binding, emulsifying, and thickening qualities.

Common Industrial Uses of Guar Gum Powder

Because of guar gum powder’s unique properties, it is a multipurpose and useful additive. Its characteristics make is widely used in many industrial and non-industrial applications. Guar gum powder’s versatility makes it a popular thickening and stabilizing additive.

The oil and gas industry uses a large percentage of the guar gum powder produced. Used extensively in hydraulic fracturing, it is an economical emulsifier that keeps oil droplets from coalescing and also acts as a stabilizer to prevent solid particles from settling.

Guar gum powder is also used extensively in food, drug, and cosmetic applications as a binding and thickening agent. It is a cost effective thickening agent because a very little amount of powder is required to produce suitable viscosities.

Guar Gum Powder in the Oil and Gas Industry


  • 9000-30-0

Minimum Order Quantity

40,000 pounds

Note: CCUSA is a wholesale industrial and commercial bulk chemical supplier.

Safety Considerations

Guar gum powder is a natural and non-hazardous substance under normal use as directed. There is a possibility of eye, skin, gastrointestinal, or respiratory irritation in extreme exposure. Irrigate exposed areas with fresh, clean water to prevent irritation.

Common Names / Also Known As

  • Guaran

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