Employment Opportunities at Continental Chemical USA

Advance your career opportunities at Continental Chemical USA

While most companies have been shrinking in size to accommodate the unfavorable changes in the US economy, Continental Chemical USA has been expanding aggressively to enable its participation in several new business opportunities.  Continental Chemical USA was recently selected to launch an exciting new line of products for a well-known and highly respected US manufacturer.  This national launch demands the addition of additional sales personnel with specific market experience and contacts. We are actively promoting our timely, laboratory-tested and aggressively priced product line to:

  • The Oil & Gas Industry
  • The Construction Industry
  • The Cement & Concrete Industry
  • Farms & The Equestrian Industry
  • Stone Quarries & Landfills
  • Airports
  • Local, State & Federal Government Buyers
  • The Turf Industry including Golf Courses

To support the recent sales growth spurt in our existing line of products, we are also seeking at least 6 more salespersons who are currently selling to the hotel/motel industry, airline industry, cruise ship lines, nursing homes, jails and prisons, large apartment and condominium complexes, cinemas, libraries and exterminators.

If you are an experienced salesperson, preferably with an existing customer base and have the ability and inclination to sell to any of these industries, we’d like to talk to you. You’ll work in a fast paced, high commission rate environment where you’ll be properly compensated for your effort and experience. We’d love to tell you more about these opportunities and show you how to start making serious money right away. To schedule your telephone interview, please call Don or Bob at:

(954) 332-2290

Our confidential review of your resume in advance of your interview will be extremely helpful. Please send your resume via e-mail to:

Bob Sellari and Don Ascione

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