Calcium Chloride In the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry would not be able to function at peak performance without calcium chloride. This member of the salt family is made up of calcium and chlorine (CaCI2) and is used to establish and maintain oil and gas wells.

Calcium chloride is used in a variety of drilling products such as drilling muds, completion fluids, packer fluids, workover fluids, and concrete accelerators. The reasons for calcium chloride’s popularity are many and include:

  • Increases the consistency of most well fluids
  • Helps stabilize shale formation while increasing density
  • Improves production levels and efficiency
  • Limits damaging sludge
  • Reduces levels of hazardous gases
  • Easy to dilute
  • Inhibits clay and shale hydration
  • Cuts concrete setting time
  • Helps overcome formation pressures
  • Cools and lubricates drill bits
  • Dust suppression on job sites
  • Lowers freezing point of water
  • Helps reduce leakage and blowouts in tubing

Overall, calcium chloride is an integral part in all forms of oil and gas exploration and production including hydraulic fracturing. It is important to note that calcium chloride is acutely toxic and can severely dry body and skin. To learn more about how the oil and gas industry utilizes calcium chloride, please call Continental Chemical USA at 1.877.959.5530 or contact us today.

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